Sweeten Your Cinco de Mayo with Emperador Vanilla Cookies: Taste of the Caribbean

I love a good party, as you may already know, so of course I was pretty happy this past weekend. Cinco de Mayo is everything that our favorite somewhat misguided and most certainly over-commercialized holiday celebrations should be. Only this year it fell on a Sunday, which meant little-to-no celebrating for me.

No, I’m not about to rip into some religious rant, or anything like that. No higher power precluded my party time yesterday. Instead, I fell victim to that age-old party pooper we’ve all come to know at various times over the years – the dreaded hangover.

Indeed, the margaritas and Coronas were flowing at warp speed on the night of Cuatro de Mayo, making my Cinco de Mayo more siesta than fiesta.

To maintain some semblance of the spirit of the day, I turned to Emperador.

One of Mexico’s favorite little snacks, Emperador is a product of Gamesa, the country’s largest manufacturer of cookies based in Nuevo León. Gamesa’s roots stretch way back to 1921 when three Mexican brothers bought a controlling share of a pasta and cookie producer called Lara. They soon changed the name to Gamesa and set about satiating the country’s sweet tooth with their cookies.

The vanilla cream flavored goodies I enjoyed yesterday were nice, but it’s the chocolate Emperador that’s the most popular. Other flavors include lime, nut cream, sugar-free and a chocolate-vanilla combo. All are made with real milk, but are low in protein and vitamin content.

None of this fazed me in any way. After all, they’re cookies and I was hungover.

I ate them without a care, the sugar rush bringing me back from the dead in time for one final tequila toast just before bed.

Sometimes you gotta’ spoil yourself a lot just to celebrate a little…
Gamesa is owned by PepsiCo these days, so you might find these yummy treats on a store shelf near you in the U.S. Another option: order ’em here.¡Que disfrutes!

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