Mudjin Harbour Beach Zen
🇹🇨Middle Caicos

Mudjin Harbour Beach Zen: A Virtual Balm for Spring Allergies

Bewaring the ides of March (or any other day of the third month) is as instructive to me as it should’ve been to Julius Caesar. I, you see, suffer from spring allergies. Each year, around now, you’ll find me perpetually sneezing, snotting, and altogether feeling miserable. That is, you’ll find me enduring allergy agonies if I’m anywhere but the Caribbean. Somehow, all that blooms in the spring doesn’t affect me when I’m back home in the islands. At least not in a negative way. Naturally, I always try to squeeze a Caribbean getaway (or two) into my March. When I can’t, though, our Moment of Zen videos help…at least a little. Scenes like the Mudjin Harbour beach zen video below whisk me back to Middle Caicos in my mind. I can almost breathe in the crisp sea breeze! Almost…



If you suffer similarly from spring allergies, I hope that this small slice of Mudjin Harbour beach zen brings you a bit of relief as well…


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