Seaview Cafe Middle Caicos
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Seaview Cafe Middle Caicos – My Favorite TCI Cracked Conch Spot

When traipsing around Middle Caicos in the summertime, don’t be surprised to find food in short supply. As we’ve noted before, Middle Caicos is anything but bustling. Terms like quiet and laid back don’t even begin to describe just how low-key and marvelously under-developed a place this is. As such, restaurants and bars are few and far between here. In the summer, most aren’t even open! Thankfully, though, there’s Seaview Cafe Middle Caicos.

Seaview Cafe in Middle Caicos
Seaview Cafe in Middle Caicos | Photo by Steve Bennett

Small, simple, and sporting bright welcoming colors, Seaview is set along the coast in Conch Bar Village.

Beach at Seaview Cafe
The Beach at Seaview Cafe in Middle Caicos | Photo by Steve Bennett

We happened here during a brief bit of exploring the immediate vicinity around the Dragon Cay Resort. From Indian Cave, itself just a couple minutes drive from our Dragon Cay cottage, Seaview Cafe is less than five minutes away. That was a very good thing for us as the searing heat and mosquitos inside the cave had us craving sustenance and pampering. Maybe a couple cold Turks Head brews, some conch, and a gentle sea breeze.

Seaview more than delivered on all counts.

Cracked conch at Seaview Cafe Middle Caicos
Cracked conch at Seaview Cafe Middle Caicos | Photo by Steve Bennett

Local TCI Cuisine at its Finest

The tender, savory cracked conch I enjoyed here was easily the best I’d ever had in Middle Caicos. (No offense, Mudjin Harbour Bar and Grille.) The salad, as well, was surprisingly fresh, crisp, and delicious. Taken together, the combo elevated this simplest of TCI local fare to near-gourmet levels to me. This, however, very much belied Seaview Cafe’s modest decor and surroundings.

Inside Seaview Cafe
Inside Seaview Cafe | Photo by Steve Bennett

Clean and tidy, but nothing fancy. This, of course, suited our sweaty mid-adventuring selves just fine, thank you.

Seaview Cafe Middle Caicos offers interior and exterior seating. (Outside beneath the shade of a sprawling almond tree was ideal for us.) Relaxing views of the sea and soothing sea breezes are included no matter where you sit.

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