My Sad Lament Upon Leaving Nevis: Photo of the Day

The views of the Caribbean that stick with us the most are quite often the last ones we see just prior to jetting off to the colder climes back home and the ever-compounding concerns and obligations of modern life. Even if you live in a similarly warm and beachy state like Florida, as I do, these fleeting images stab at your soul, leaving indelible injuries only healed by another trip, more adventuring; a return to your happy place in the islands.

Along these lines, the image above still stings me pretty bad.

This is among the last photos I snapped of Nevis as the wife and I sped across The Narrows to St. Kitts en route to the airport and all the aforementioned “back to reality” drudgery nearly four years ago.

We had just enjoyed an utterly amazing trip – our first to Nevis and our first real escape alone together since our twins were born seven years prior. Romantic adventure, ridiculous rum punch, and even better food – we’d lived it all (and more!) over one scant summer weekend.

Now… it was gone.

I hate this photo.

At the same time, though, I love it too. It’s just that way sometimes with travel, relationships, art, music, gastronomy, sports, or anything else that stirs our deepest passions. There’s simply no love without hate, though I’d much prefer to rekindle the former by seeing this view again… minus the boat’s trailing wake, of course…

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