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Teen-Approved Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

It’s hard to impress teenagers. I’m reminded of this near daily by my twin boys, age 15. Where once they seemed to like my classic reggae playlist, they now apologize to their friends whenever it’s playing anywhere near them. Any new movie that I think is awesome barely rates a shrug and an indifferent “eh, it’s ok” from them. Basically, I’ve graduated to the level of uncool parent, a tolerable title that applied to just about every aspect of our lives together this past year except for the scene pictured above. That’s one of my boys positively delighting in the gin-clear seas that line Grace Bay Beach on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. More specifically, this is the blessed section of Grace Bay upon which sits The Somerset, one of my all-time favorite resorts anywhere. We stopped here for a quick lunch and a dip on our way to the airport following our family escape to North/Middle Caicos. As much as my boys really enjoyed the beaches on the other islands, they truly LOVED Grace Bay. Even now, months later, you can still hear sheer joy in their voices whenever they talk about the incredibly clear water, the little fish that follow you around, and just how amazing Grace Bay really is. I earned some cool points for bringing them here for sure, which makes me all the more anxious to make a return family trip soon.

Wish you were here..?

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