Bougainvillea Studio at Hummingbird Beach Hideaway, St. Croix: View With a Room
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Bougainvillea Studio at Hummingbird Beach Hideaway, St Croix: View With a Room

Never in all my years growing up in St Croix did I ever think that I could enjoy this view, much less wake up to it everyday. That’s Ha’Penny Beach, the sweetly secluded jewel of STX South Shore beaches trailing off to the west.

I’d visited Ha’Penny many times before, of course; usually for a quick dip with someone special away from prying eyes. Indeed, Ha’Penny is that hidden and off-the-beaten-path in all the best ways. (Insert smiley-face emoji here.)

Never before, though, did I ever think that there were any permanent structures at Ha’Penny. From the beach, it always appeared as though Ha’Penny was empty and devoid of development of any kind.

No homes. No hotels, or restaurants. Nothing.

It wasn’t until Patrick and I visited soon after Hurricane Irma, though, that I realized that there did exist a hotel/condo-like structure just back of the beach. Big storms have a way of revealing hidden treasures. In this case, Irma’s “pruning” of the Ha’Penny beachfront revealed the heretofore hidden cozy quarters at Hummingbird Beach Hideaway.

As the only structure on Ha’Penny’s one-mile stretch of pristine white sand (besides this shack), HBH truly lives up to the hideaway in its name. The only sounds here: waves gently lapping at the shore, birds singing, wind rustling through the trees, and the occasional fishing boat motoring by.

If you want peace, tranquility, and a virtually guaranteed empty expanse of beach every day of your next visit to St Croix, then you’ll definitely want to look into Hummingbird Hideaway.

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