Cane Bay Beachcombing
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Cane Bay Beachcombing, St Croix

Cane Bay beachcombing opportunities might seem rather limited at first glance. Admittedly, the beach is pretty small. It’s also fairly narrow, with grass encroaching over the sand at its western edge. The occasionally busy thoroughfare that is Cane Bay Road, which runs parallel to the sand, also detracts from the blissful beachcombing ideal. At the same time, though, Cane Bay is singularly special, at least to me. The surf here tends to kick up more than you’ll find most anywhere else on St Croix. That, of course, carries all manner of shells, rocks, and odd offscourings to these shores. I have lots of cherished childhood memories collecting found treasures here. So many years later, strolling along Cane Bay still holds lots of appeal for me, even if most of my walks these days take me between two of STX’s best beach barsThe Landing and Spratnet. To be sure, there are always great treasures on the menu at both.

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