Clearest Water In The Caribbean
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Clearest Water In The Caribbean – My Biased Opinion

I’ve traveled all over the Caribbean; 50+ destinations and counting. In each stop, I’ve made a point of gauging the clarity of the water. Pine Cay, Exuma, Anguilla, and St John have all really impressed in this regard. The water at Princess Diana Beach in Barbuda, as well, is simply stunning. Any attempt at determining an absolute “best” destination with the clearest water in the Caribbean, though, is a fool’s errand. There are just too many options to choose from.

At the same time, though, I do have a favorite. I mean, I am from St Croix. Like all West Indians, I’m fiercely proud of my island home; proud to be Crucian. As such, my home island bias tends to crop up in my writing from time to time.

Occasionally, my bias has softened over time. Take my feelings about Cruzan Rum, for instance. (It just ain’t what it used to be.)

I also once felt that Crucian cuisine was without compare within the West Indies. Subsequent travels to Martinique, St Martin (French Side), Grenada, and Dominica, though, opened my eyes to just how far St Croix still has to go to achieve any kind of culinary bragging rights. (I might St Lucia and Anguilla to that list, BTW.)

My one St Croix bias that will likely always remain, though, centers on Dorsch Beach. The clearest water in the Caribbean? Yeah, you can find it here…at least to me.

I mean, the underwater visibility here is exceedingly great; the surf, soft and gentle. This makes for nice snorkeling and welcoming swim conditions, especially for those new to the sea.

I like these things, of course. For me, though, there’s an added benefit to the clear waters at Dorsch Beach. These waters are therapeutic to me. They soothe my soul much as any return visit to the most cherished spots from your childhood makes you feel good; loved.

No matter what’s going wrong in my life, I always know that I can return to Dorsch, to these waters, and get right.

In this way, diving into the clear waters at Dorsch Beach provides me with a special kind of clarity all its own.


Editor’s note: For more informed/biased beach thoughts, be sure to check out our Best Caribbean Beaches list. 

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