Frederiksted Villa With a View
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Frederiksted Villa With a View – Villa Regina Bella

My love for the sweetly soft and tranquil start to each day in Frederiksted has been firmly established before. The “Second City” on my home island of St Croix is #1 for those of us who like to ease into the day. For me, F’sted’s tropically urban surrounds and distinctly Afro-Caribbean vibe make doing so particularly easy, satisfying. I’d always thought the experience was best enjoyed liming along the town’s peaceful waterfront park. A very special Frederiksted villa, though, changed my mind.

This is the view that I enjoyed each morning of a recent weekend stay at the elegant Villa Regina Bella. 

A Luxury Frederiksted Villa?

Yes, you read that right; luxury villa escapes have come to downtown Frederiksted! I would’ve never thought that could ever be possible during my childhood years growing up in St Croix. Heck, I hardly believed it even when I accepted an invitation to see/experience the place!

I mean, in my mind, St Croix private villa escapes were always reserved for East End and North Shore environs, with a few exceptions along the western shores north of Frederiksted. Downtown Frederiksted? If you wanted to stay there in the past your choices were confined to spartan guest houses and this very simple/dated hotel. A Frederiksted villa was just not a thing.

Then The Fred came along, breathing new life and style into the options for F’sted guest accommodations.

Now, there’s Villa Regina Bella, offering an even more elevated, private, and bespoke guest experience in the heart of the town that is the heart of St Croix. 

Yeah, the place is that special. My full review (coming soon!) will have full details. For now, though, let’s focus on the view.

So Much More Than a Pretty View

It’s accessible via an expansive (20ft x 20ft) deck, which stretches westward from the master suite. Sunset views from here are spectacular, of course. For me, though, morning views like this are equally sweet.

All around you, the sights and sounds of Frederiksted slowly stretching, rubbing her eyes, and waking to face the day play out. As in any urban area, it is, at turns, melodic, cacophonous, soothing, and all together arresting in its vibrant authenticity.

Roosters cry out; a dog or two answer. Waves dap-up the shoreline below. Cars booming soca speed by. Neighbors call out greetings from the street. Hummingbirds dart around as sugar birds strafe fruit trees beneath your perch… 

It’s magical. The real West Indies as only found in Freedom City, and best enjoyed from the deck at Villa Regina Bella.

I’ll have a lot more to say about this special place in the coming weeks. If I’ve already said enough to make you want to check-in here, though, visit our friends at Villa Regina Bella online today!

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