Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Sunset Over Grand Case, St. Martin

Sunset Over Grand Case, St. Martin

Sunset Over Grand Case, St. Martin

Picture this: You’ve spent an entire bright, warm and thoroughly happy day at various locations around St. Martin/St. Maarten. Perhaps you spent the morning au naturel at Club Orient. Maybe a few hours blissfully passed with a delicious grilled shrimp caesar salad at Kali’s Beach Bar while sipping on some of his potent infused rums. Since you’re a reader of Uncommon Caribbean, you may have even braved the overcrowded (with bats!!) cave of La Grotte de Puits de Terres Basse on your way to more topless fun in the sun at Baie Rouge.

But however you spent your sun filled hours, the promise of another picture perfect Caribbean sunset would have you making your way back to your pleasantly breezy balcony at L’Esplanade over Grand Case to idly watch the sun dip into the sea—the sound of gently rustling coconut trees and West Indian doves softly announcing the end of another perfect day in paradise as the soundtrack.

Hopefully having this desktop wallpaper on your computer will bring all these memories or dreams to mind… Even if you’re stuck at the office.

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