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Bele dance lessons

Beginner Bélé Dance Lessons Bring Grenada Home to You

I had hoped to up my dance game along my 2020 Caribbean travels. This new beginner bélé dance lessons video from Grenada makes up for what COVID took away.
Santa Lucia Flowers, Costa Rica | Credit: Flickr user Anita Gould
🇨🇷Costa Rica

Give The Gift Of A Prosperous New Year With Santa Lucia Flowers

Many people have a particular flower they prefer to receive above all others. For New Year's in Costa Rica, Santa Lucia flowers are the only choice.
Conch Man Percy in Saba

In Saba, One Man’s Quest to Serve as the Island’s Wake-up Conch Call

Modern conveniences have made traditional conch blowing for communication in Saba obsolete. One man thinks that's no reason to let a good tradition die.
Middle Caicos near Bambarra Beach | SBPR
🇹🇨Middle Caicos

Love Goes A Long Way Toward Saving Traditional Model Sailboats in Middle Caicos

Inside the Middle Caicos Co-op you'll find all manner of hand-crafted goods – hats, baskets, paintings, bracelets, placemats; all of it celebrating the cultural heritage of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It's all great, but the thing that most caught my attention were the model sailboats.
Sipping Sea Water at Bananier Beach, Haiti | SBPR

Enjoying My Traditional ‘Sea Drink’ in Haiti: Photo of the Day

Sipping sea water seems to set my mind and soul more in-tune with the sunny shores I'm lucky to be exploring, few places more so than the Bananier Beach, Haiti.
National Heroes Park Honour Guard

National Heroes Park Changing The Guard, Jamaica

They stand at Jamaica's National Heroes Park all day – deadpan serious, unflinching – exactly like the Royal Guards at Buckingham Palace.
Papa Machete, master of Tire Machèt

Discover Tire Machèt, The Secret Martial Art That Helped Haitian Slaves Win Freedom

In one very special corner of the Caribbean the use of machetes extends to art; an ancient martial art some 225 years old called Tire Machèt.

On-Site Abaco: The Last Of The Great Bahamian Boat Builders

Joe Albury's boats are timeless works of art; handcrafted masterpieces, each one a testament to the rich seafaring history of The Bahamas.

Learning The Family History of Making Babash in Trinidad

The best way to really and truly learn about the good old days in the Caribbean? Sit down with those who lived it, ask few questions and listen a lot.