No Man's Land Tobago

No Man’s Land Tobago Ragged Tree – Uncommon Photo-op

Next to the iconic jetty at Piegon Point and perhaps this idyllic vista in Speyside, it’s arguably the choicest photo-op in all of Tobago. An artfully gnarled tree clinging to a sandy shore. Devoid of leaves with roots stretching into the sea and dying branches spraying in all directions, the ragged tree is a striking embodiment of the spot upon which it sits. No Man’s Land Tobago.

A thin, pristine peninsula curling southward into Bon Accord Lagoon, No Man’s Land is remote. At the same time, though, it’s not too far out of reach. Blissfully undeveloped, it’s every bit the kind of place that fulfills play-pretend childhood fantasies of being shipwrecked.

It certainly also satisfies adult fantasies of simply unplugging and getting away…

I got to experience lunch at No Man’s Land Tobago as part of a full day boating fun with the great guys at Tobago Waterholics. Check them out here.

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