Friday Happy Hour: Take it to the Max with Trini-style Mackeson

Hard to believe, but true – I made it through Lent without one single, solitary taste of beer!

(Don’t ask me how much rum I enjoyed over those 40+ days…)

In celebration, I’m wishing I was in Trinidad for a happy hour taste of Mackeson!

In and of itself, Trinidad would seem a smart choice for beer. The good folks at Trinidad’s Carib Brewery produce 10+ different brands, including the one deemed #1 by me on LargeUp.com.

I love Stag, but today I’m feelin’ frisky. I need something a little sweeter. A little darker, sexier and packed with vigor. In that sense, it must be Mackeson for me, though you’d never know it from this…

GAV/ GAVfitness (Mackeson Mogul 2012 ) and Mackeson 2012 Trinidad and Tobago

As you can see from this 2012 ad, the Mackeson made in Trinidad is a good bit different than the Old World UK brew.

Trini-style Mackeson packs 4.9% ABV, yet still retains the trademark smooth sweetness for which all Mackeson brews are known. The XXX on the label isn’t there for show either. At least not according to the popular marketing of the brand seen in the 2012 ad, and everywhere else you might find Mackeson promoted in TnT. This is a beer brewed to deliver satisfaction, energy and pleasure – three X’s, three times the pleasure.

I don’t rightly recall getting a jolt of energy out of the bottle pictured above, which I enjoyed on my Christmas trip to Tobago a few short months ago, but the pleasing sweet taste and smoothness remain ingrained in my memory, providing nice inspiration for my next visit, which can’t come soon enough…


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