Anguilla Saturday Soup

Anguilla Saturday Soup at Eric’s Famous Soups Plus

Anguilla Saturday Soup? Nah, that can’t be a thing. Or at least so I thought…

The long-cherished West Indian tradition of Saturday Soup was just not one that I expected to enjoy on a recent visit to Anguilla. Something about the island’s posh sensibilities had me thinking that the down home practice couldn’t exist there. Not in any truly authentic form, anyway. Previous visits to a few of Anguilla’s signature exclusive resorts only confirmed what I thought I knew. When I checked in at Nevaeh Anguilla, though, everything changed.

The Nevaeh Difference

Now, if you know Nevaeh then you might be a little confused. After all, the sprawling (nine guest rooms spread over three distinct buildings) private villa resort is the very definition of exclusive. Few places in Anguilla, or the broader Caribbean region for that matter, can match its elegance and posh.

All of that fancy stuff is very, very nice. (See my review of the Nevaeh guest experience for full details.) As I’ve noted before, though, it’s the staff members at Nevaeh that truly make you feel like a million bucks when staying here. Staff members like Winston Jones.

Nevaeh’s Mr. Do-It-All, Winston went above and beyond to make my September 2021 stay extra special. That included taking me beyond the Nevaeh gates to experience a few uniquely down home West Indian aspects of life in Anguilla. Tops among them: the incredible Anguilla Saturday Soup on offer at Eric’s Famous Soups Plus.

Where to go for the best Anguilla Saturday Soup
Eric’s Famous Soups Plus, Anguilla | Photo by Steve Bennett

Wonderfully West Indian

Like so many of our favorite places to eat in the Caribbean, Eric’s is a humble roadside establishment. A pointy white tent weighted down by cinder blocks shades the square-shaped countertop/bar. Images of Eric’s culinary creations adorn the bar wall, their savory aromas wafting about on the breeze. The only seating, a small, rustic bench fronted by Igloo coolers. Their primary contents: sea moss.

Could this be more authentically West Indian..?

Answer: no.

The man behind this magical place is Chef Eric Carty. A 50-something born and bred Anguillian, Eric started creating in his mom’s kitchen at a very early age.

I was doing soups since eight, nine, 10 years-old.

Even so, Chef Eric didn’t open his famous soups stand until 2017. (He was in his 40s at the time.) Before then, he ran the family Fishery and Fishing Supplies store. The same fish/fishing-focused store whose parking lot plays home to Eric’s Famous.

Chef Eric’s Soup Menu

Tops on the menu here, of course, is soup. Three standard options – chicken, fish, and red bean & pigtail – are available on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, the only days that Eric’s is open.

A fourth option is also always available, though it changes by the day.

On Thursdays, option four is bull foot soup. Fridays are reserved for meat soup. Saturdays, much to my delight, are all about conch soup.

Thanks to Winston and Eric, my Anguilla Saturday Soup experience was one that I’ll never forget.

Anguilla Saturday Soup – Conch Soup
My Conch Soup from Eric’s Famous Soups Plus, Anguilla | Photo by Steve Bennett

After speaking to Eric many months later, though, I learned that my experience could possibly have been even better!

The fastest one to finish is the red beans with the pigtail.

In addition to missing out on Chef Eric’s most popular soup, I also didn’t get to sample his broader range of dishes. (The “Plus” in Eric’s Famous Soups Plus.)

On Saturdays we do food. Escovitch, stew oxtail, stew pork, salmon… 

I mean, the conch soup already had me wanting to make a return visit! Next time, though, I guess I better squeeze a space on that old wooden bench. You know, the better to soak in the atmosphere while continually sampling Eric’s treats.

How Best to Get Your Anguilla Saturday Soup Fix

Eric’s Famous is located on Waterswamp Road just out front the Top Shop Hardware Store and the Carty family’s Fishery and Fishing Supplies Store. From Blowing Point Road, head east on Route 1. You’ll see the tent on your right just past the roundabout where sits the Sea Spray Gift Shop. 

As noted above, Eric’s Famous is open Thursday–Saturday. Hours of operation are from noon to 6PM. They close earlier, though, is all the soup is finished. Definitely get there early if you want that red beans and pigtail soup, especially on Saturdays.

Also, never fear if you get a craving for Eric’s soups outside of his normal operating days/hours. Not only does Chef Eric provide catering services, he also claims that he can make any kind of soup! To put him to the test, just call Eric at Tel: 264-476-1096. When you do, be sure to tell him that Uncommon Caribbean sent you.

Bon appétit!

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