Anguilla’s Churches: Where Rebels and Traditionalists Marry

Anguilla's Churches: Emmanuel Methodist Church

Anguilla’s Churches: Emmanuel Methodist Church

You’re anything but traditional. You zig when others zag. You like to be different in everything you do, so when it comes time for you to tie the knot, some old church like this one just won’t do. But, what if your significant other is a traditionalist? What if he/she has her heart set on the fairytale church wedding? If that’s the case, then Anguilla’s churches may end up suiting you both just fine.

This is the Emmanuel Methodist Church, and like the Ebenezer Methodist Church we told you about earlier, it’s located in Anguilla.

For such a small island with such a considerable reputation for seaside parties and ultra-luxe villa pampering, Anguilla has a surprising number of uniquely charming churches that I think would appeal to any couple wishing to get hitched in an uncommon, yet still traditional setting.

Emmanuel Methodist, in particular, would work for me. It’s set on a hill with Meads Bay a few minute’s walk away. The church itself shows its 60+ years of age, but that just adds character in my view. The surrounding area is very quaint and residential, which I imagine might lend itself to easy mixing with the locals after mass.

It’s nothing fancy, which for me, and perhaps a few other non-traditional guys, is just the point. If I had to get married in a church, I’d want it to be a humble and cozy one like this.

Emmanuel Methodist isn’t the only option in Anguilla for rebel/traditionalist couples. Anguilla has a surprisingly large number for you to choose from.

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