Seaside Street Art

Seaside Street Art at Sandy Ground, Anguilla

Art knows no bounds in the Caribbean, a point we’ve made a number of times before. Street murals, public sculptures, and even underwater statues stretch those bounds the most. On the shores of Sandy Ground in Anguilla, though, there’s a different kind of public art…Seaside Street Art.

Okay, that’s not its official name. Near as I can tell, it doesn’t have one. I suppose you could call it beach art, or art among the ruins.

Either way, it’s arresting, whimsical, and insanely Instagrammable.

Art from ruins in Sandy Ground, Anguilla
Art from ruins in Sandy Ground, Anguilla | Photo by Steve Bennett

Graffiti artist Adam G is the man behind the works. Here he is painting the mural above in 2019…


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Got rained out 3 times trying to paint this wall, pretty happy with how it turned out . . . . #timelapse #video #photography #streetart #urbanart #muralart #graffiti #molotowpaint #nofilter #gopro #goprohero7black #goprooftheday #sailor #sailing #captain #pipe #seaturtle #anguilla #permanentvacation

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Adam G’s canvas is Anguilla’s old Mariners Cliffside Beach Resort. The property closed a number of years ago, thanks to the infamous Hurricane Lenny, aka: Wrong Way Lenny. Just a few battered cottages remain of the once beloved resort.

Seaside Street Art among the Remains of Mariners Cliffside Resort, Anguilla
Remains of Mariners Cliffside Resort, Anguilla | Photo by Steve Bennett

The location, though, nestled at the quiet, far west end of Sandy Ground, is still amazing. I mean, this is the beach that fronts the place…

The Mariners' Slice of Sandy Ground
The Mariners’ Slice of Sandy Ground | Photo by Steve Bennett

You could easily imagine an all-new Mariners Resort being built here, right..?

If it happens, though, I hope they leave a few walls open for Adam G’s art. For me, now, this place just wouldn’t be the same without it.

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