Tequila Sunrise Villa, Anguilla

Tequila Sunrise Villa – A Beautiful Beginning on Bountiful Anguilla

A Tequila Sunrise, whether villa or cocktail, is never about endings — only beginnings.

The Cocktail

The story of the tequila sunrise cocktail, as we know it, began back in 1972 just outside of San Francisco in Sausalito. It was here, at a joint called the Trident Bar, that the cocktail was born when The Rolling Stones sauntered into the place and a bartender named Bobby Lozhoff whipped one up for Mick Jagger.

That could have been the end of the story, but Mick liked his drink. I mean he really liked it. He liked it so much that the Stones used it (and other less legal substances) to fuel their legendary 1972 U.S. tour — one of the most riotous rock ‘n roll tours in American history.

And to think it all began with a tequila sunrise…

The Villa

The story of Tequila Sunrise Villa began 16 years ago with one fateful day trip to Anguilla. Joel (a tequila sunrise cocktail lover) and Robin had been coming to St. Maarten/St. Martin for years, but this time thought they would try out something new by visiting a neighboring island.

Little did they know that their one night day stand with Anguilla would turn into a lifelong love affair!

Years later, that love would blossom into a magnificent 5,500 square foot villa just 150 feet from secluded Dropsey Bay — a villa that’s the very definition of minimalist sophistication manifested in a contemporary beach house gleaming under the Caribbean sun.

Tequila Sunrise Villa great room by Patrick Bennett
Tequila Sunrise Villa great room by Patrick Bennett

One of my favorite traits of the villa is how the layout practically pulls you out toward the dazzling view of French St. Martin. Whether you’re waking up in one of the three spacious bedrooms wrapped in flowing white drapes, reclining in the great room beneath its unique copper light fixture, or starting the day with fresh a baked complimentary breakfast at the heavy dining room table, the view is pleasantly ever-present.

Tequila Sunrise Villa, Anguilla by Patrick Bennett
Tequila Sunrise Villa, Anguilla by Patrick Bennett

Inevitably, you give in and spread the blue tinted sliding doors wide and step out to the pool deck.

That pull I mentioned before should prepare you for stepping outside, but still, it takes a moment to take it all in. But where to spend that moment? Some might gravitate to the minimalist, yet decadently comfortable bright red lounge chairs, but for me, it had to be the sparkling infinity pool.

The glistening crystalline seas stretching to an island paradise beneath an impossibly blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds is like holding up a mirror to the surroundings in which you’re lucky enough to find yourself.

Anguilla, Tequila Sunrise Villa by Patrick Bennett
Anguilla, Tequila Sunrise Villa by Patrick Bennett

Resting on the edge of the pool just soaking up that view (with a drink close at hand, naturally) you’d be surprised how much time passes before you can move on.

But move on you must! After all, there are more amenities to enjoy.

There’s the daily continental breakfast, locally made luxurious soaps, positively massive outdoor showers off every bedroom (a favorite of mine), epically deep bathtubs, some of the softest bamboo towels I’ve ever wrapped myself in, plus a sweet Sonos setup I definitely took advantage of to fill the whole space with tunes.

Oh, and did I mention there’s a tequila dispenser with unlimited free-flowing Patron chilled exactly to a perfect eight degrees?

(I’m not sure how I forgot to mention that… but it could have something to do with the tequila dispenser with unlimited free-flowing Patron chilled exactly to a perfect eight degrees!)

But how did this glorious villa come to be named Tequila Sunrise?

According to Robin, when the time came to name their sophisticated slice of heaven it was another Mick Jagger moment.

You see, as I said, Joel likes tequila sunrises at least as much as Mick. During many of the naming deliberations between Joel and Robin, plus their two sons Cory and Justin (naturally, convened on the soft sands of a nearby beach), Joel would be sipping on his favorite drink.

While throwing out name after name, it was only a matter of time before Cory and Justin would simultaneously exclaim “Tequila Sunrise!”

Enjoying a tequila sunrise at Tequila Sunrise Villa, Anguilla
Enjoying a tequila sunrise at Tequila Sunrise Villa, Anguilla

I can just imagine Joel drinking to that!

Just the Beginning

Anyway, just as the tequila sunrise cocktail kicked off one of the most legendary tours in history, so can the Tequila Sunrise Villa be the start of your epic Anguilla experience.

Anguilla is just 17 miles long by 3 miles wide, so all of the island’s delights are within easy reach.

Dropsey Bay, Anguilla by Patrick Bennett
Dropsey Bay, Anguilla by Patrick Bennett

Dropsey Bay, which Joel and Robin have rechristened as “Lovers’ Cove,” is just a two-minute stroll away. It’s perfect for lounging in the sun, wading in the shallows, exploring small rock caves, and snorkeling.

Gorgeous Scilly Cay is a tiny island/restaurant/tropical playground just 150 yards into the waters off nearby Island Habour. It also happens to be Robin’s favorite place on the planet. (After the villa, of course.)

Here you can spend the afternoon enjoying lunch off their perfect menu: fresh grilled lobster, chicken, lobster and chicken, or lobster and crayfish. (What more do you need?!)

Anguilla crayfish by Patrick Bennett
Anguilla crayfish by Patrick Bennett

And if you can’t get enough of tiny island “limes” then you can also check out Sandy Island.

World class beaches like majestic Mead’s Bay, Shoal Bay, picturesque Little Bay, big Rendezvous Bay, and fun Sandy Ground surround you. Take your pick!

I could go on and on, but… well, just watch this video to see for yourself:

Tequila Sunrise Villa (and everything that surrounds it) is just that spectacular.

Oh, one more thing…

There’s a goat. His name is Billy.

Billy the Goat at Tequila Sunrise Villa by Patrick Bennett
Billy the Goat at Tequila Sunrise Villa by Patrick Bennett

Truth be told, the goat is a long story. One that involves an escape from certain doom, a trek to Miami, and finally a pilgrimage into the heart of the Caribbean — before being apprehended by customs agents and subsequently rescued by Joel. The story is so fantastic and funny that Joel and Robin love to tell it… So I won’t steal their thunder.

Just know that this goat receives mail, has been on TV, has been known to wear a tuxedo, and even hit the most happening parties in Anguilla. Yeah, the goat is kind of a big deal.

Here’s to beautiful beginnings
Tequila Sunrise Villa by Patrick Bennett
Tequila Sunrise Villa by Patrick Bennett

If you’ve been looking for an impeccably designed, sophisticated but not stuffy, luxury experience on an island that consistently makes everyone’s “hidden gems” list, Tequila Sunrise Villa delights.

You’re going to like it.

I mean really like it.

You can book your stay at tequilasunrisevilla.com and stay up to date with any promotions at the Tequila Sunrise Villa Facebook page.



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