Friday Happy Hour: Learn to Lime with Cockspur Rum Punch

Barbados' Cockspur Rum Punch by Patrick Bennett

Barbados’ Cockspur Rum Punch by Patrick Bennett

Sometimes, I’m lazy.

And unsurprisingly, I often find that these indulgent periods of idleness are best accompanied by an easy drinking rum cocktail. Enter Barbados’ Cockspur Rum Punch.

I know what you’re thinking:

“But wait, Patrick, aren’t you the same guy who climbs mountains, braves bat filled caves, explores underwater wrecks, kitesurfs, and jumps off waterfalls?”

Well, yes. I’m that same guy… And sometimes that same guy wants to do nothing more than sit on his ass, drink rum and watch the day pass. West Indians have a name for this activity (or lack there of): limin’. It may be hard to believe for anyone who’s been following us for long, but, trust me, limin’ is as much a part of West Indian culture as anything else we regularly cover.

If I’m lucky enough to find myself on Barbados when a crippling bout of laziness renders me utterly useless, I reach for a five star, pink bottle of Cockspur Rum Punch. To see why, you need look no further than the label:

Ready to drink. Just add ice.

No cutting of fruit. No “two parts” anything. No mixing. No shaking. No nothing. Cockspur, you had me at “ready to drink.”

That said, even when suffering through a full-blown Category 5 case of tropical-do-nothing-itis, no rum punch is complete without a little nutmeg floating on top. My recommendation: have some pre-ground nutmeg handy!

I mean, if you’re going to learn to lime, you best learn to do it right!


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