Local Profile: DJ Jason Brooks

DJ Jason Brooks

DJ Jason Brooks

There’s no doubt the Caribbean produces some of the world best music. Whether it’s roots reggae, calypso, salsa, dancehall, soca, bomba or any of the other great West Indian riddims; few things can make your Caribbean moments more special than the right mix. Then again, if you’re looking for something a little different, and you happen to be in Barbados, then Jason Brooks is definitely the man to check out.

DJ Jason started out as an ambassador of Caribbean music, spinning at a party called Get Nice Fridays while living in Canada. However, when it was time to return to the Caribbean, he switched it up. Now you can catch him most Fridays at The House, in west Barbados keeping the mood chill with downtempo electronica. If you can handle your rum punches after a day of being out in the sun, you’ll catch him picking up the pace with house music at The House as it gets later in the evening.

Surprised to hear Supreme Beings of Leisure, Sia, Thievery Corporation and Tosca on the mix; I asked him what Bajans think of his musical choices. He said the majority aren’t really into his eclectic, mostly electronic sound opting more for the expected sounds of the Caribbean and, of course, Barbados favorite: Rihanna… But he’s making converts every day.

If you’re lucky, you can also catch him spinning under the name 00 Scientist generally around Barbados and specifically at the irregularly scheduled Electric Sunset Party at Cassareep in Speightstown, north Barbados.

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