Goldeneye Cocktail – Blackwell Rum’s Signature Drink

One of my favorite new drinks from last year: The Goldeneye Cocktail. Named, obviously in honor of James Bond and the 007 series which owes so much to Jamaica, the signature cocktail of Jamaica’s fantastic Blackwell Rum, Goldeneye embodies the two things we love most in a fine rum drink:

1. Great rum

(of course)

2. VERY few ingredients

(keep it simple)

How to make a Goldeneye Cocktail

Two parts rum, four parts pineapple juice, and a little lime are all it takes to fashion this beauty. Combine all the ingredients in your shaker with ice and serve just so. (Over ice is nice too.) The flavor, sweetly refreshing with the lime dialing back the pineapple perfectly, will keep you wanting more and more.

At the same time, though, Goldeneye’s simplicity invites customization; the addition of one or two special touches of your own to make this cocktail uniquely ideal for you.

For me, that means floating a bit of Cruzan Blackstrap on top. The effect gives Goldeneye a bit of a shiner (Ian Fleming’s Golden “black” eye?), while also punching up the robustness, which makes it even more perfect for me.


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