Sunning at Poet Reef

Up Next: Retreating with Friends to Poet Reef, Jamaica

It’s gotten a good bit quieter at the UC South Florida headquarters in recent weeks. The reason: the wife and I dropped our twins at their respective institutions of higher learning earlier this month. As any parent who’s ever been in our position well knows, the pride and excitement you feel for your newly-minted college scholars is tempered by the void their absence leaves in your lives. In an effort to fill said void, we’re running off to Poet Reef, Jamaica.

What is Poet Reef

Marketed as a “luxury cut stone three level villa,” Poet Reef appears tailor-made for the type of retreat we need right now. IG Images of the property that I’ve been drooling over for weeks exude a relaxed and airy sophistication.

I mean, just imagine waking up here…

Suite digs at Poet Reef
Suite digs

This kitchen set up is pretty inviting as well, no…?

I’ll be pouring some fine rum here soon…

Or, how about catching some rays at the prime perch pictured way above?

The property’s 150-foot stone cut pier extends to the sea. This, of course, makes it a great launching point for snorkel adventures as well. As noted on the villa’s Airbnb listing:

The snorkeling off Poetreef Villa is some of the best in Jamaica.

Location, Location, Location

Fancy digs and great snorkeling are always big attractions for us. They’re not, however, what has me most excited about experiencing Poet Reef. 

The bigger deal to me is this sweet villa’s even sweeter location.

Can’t wait to walk up these stairs later today…

Instead of Jamaica’s famed and well-trod resort areas – Mobay, Ocho Rios, Negril – Poet Reef is nestled in Hanover Parish. I’ve heard from a few Jamaican friends that this area in northwest Jamaica is simply incredible.

Great friend, UC contributor, and proud Jamaican Zickie Allgrove puts it thusly…

I think of it as Jamaica’s hidden coastline.

Hidden, non-touristy…yeah, sounds PERFECT, right..?

Room To Share

With three bedrooms and enough beds to sleep eight, Poet Reef is plenty big enough for company. So, the wife and I invited another couple to share in all the swanky fun with us.

Their situation isn’t like ours, though. It will be a few years yet before their daughter is filling out college applications. Hanging with great old friends, though, will no doubt put us at ease.

Anyway, it wouldn’t feel right to keep a view like this all to ourselves…

View worth sharing

Follow Along Our Poet Reef Jamaica Adventure

Is the snorkeling off Poetreef Villa really some of the best in Jamaica? Will our friends actually enjoy traveling with us? What else is there to discover in Hanover?

I’ll share some answers over the next few days, of course. Look out for daily updates on our Facebook and Instagram feeds through the weekend, and stay tuned for whole bag-ah-a-new Jamaica content coming soon!

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