Singh's Roti Shop Grand Cayman
🇰🇾Grand Cayman

Singh’s Roti Shop Grand Cayman

Being of Trinidadian heritage, there’s nothing we like more than stumbling across a near perfect roti during our travels.  You might think that would be an easy task traveling throughout the Caribbean, but you’d be wrong. As I’ve discussed in the past, there are many, many factors that need to be weighed carefully for a roti to be right — not too dry, not too wet, not too thin, not too thick, not too much of this filling, or that, and on, and on. That’s why Steve was so pleasantly surprised when he discovered Singh’s Roti Shop in Grand Cayman. Of course, I was doubtful until I tried it myself. But when I did (with a Caybrew on the side), you better believe I became a convert!

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