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Saturday Video: Dreaming About Surfing in Rincón

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Having caught the surfing bug last year in Barbados and Tobago, we’re more than a little bit anxious to ride more Caribbean waves in the New Year. Today’s dreamy video, showcasing several top surfers conquering the marvelous conditions in Rincón, provides some added inspiration…

Dubbed the “Caribbean Pipeline,” Rincón, Puerto Rico is arguably the best known and most popular surfing hot spot in the region. The optimal time to surf here is right now – November to April – when waves can get up to 25 feet high. This is roughly what you’d experience on Oahu’s famed North Shore, which should tell you all you need to know about how great the surfing is here.

Rincón may be popular, but it still definitely qualifies for “Uncommon” status. You won’t find miles and miles of beachfront high-rise resorts and condos here as you would in San Juan. Most accommodations are a modest collection of small guesthouses and Paradores that put you right in line with the local vibe. For an even more unique experience, you can opt to camp right on Tres Hermanos Beach, which doesn’t have any buildings, high-rise or otherwise, at all.

Have you ever visited Rincón and tried the surfing? If so, we’d love to get your recommendations on things we should see and do! You can leave us a comment below, or on our Facebook fan page, or just click here to shoot us a note via our contact page.

UPDATE: As one of our astute readers points out in the comments section below, this video actually showcases the marvelous surfing conditions at another Rincón… in California. My bad. Still, the video is amazing and inspires me to grab a board and get back out on the water somewhere, anywhere ASAP. For a great look at what it’s like to surf in Rincón, Puerto Rico, click here.

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