Anse Marcel, St. Martin: Photo of the Day

Love at first sight.

It’s an emotion I’ve felt countless times along my Caribbean travels.

Mt. Pelée, Martinique; Sandy Island, Anguilla; Maracas Bay, Trinidad; Ile-a-Vache, Haiti – all have stopped me dead in my tracks.

My latest such amorous initial encounter occurred just yesterday, here atop the hillside road that tumbles down to Anse Marcel along the north coast of St. Martin. My home for the next few nights, the new RIU Palace St. Martin, is pictured dead-center, those boats bobbing in the marina sitting just a scant few yards from my balcony.

Sprawling all-inclusive resorts like this are not my usual thing, of course, but my first glance of this place already has me thinking that this is no ordinary all-inclusive.

Is it possible for an all-inclusive to also be uncommon?

I intend to find out this week…

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