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Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Solomon Beach, St. John Enjoy Your Own Private Nude Beach

Solomon Beach, St. John Your Own Private Nude Beach

Solomon Beach, St. John Your Own Private Nude Beach

If you’ve ever witnessed the outfits, dancing and general… Uhm… Passion of carnival in the Caribbean, you may not believe this, but West Indians are, in general, pretty prudish.

Many islands have laws with steep fines against wearing beach wear when not on the sandy shoreline. Most women in the workplace wouldn’t expose so much as a knee in their everyday office attire. And although we’ve discussed the joy of going au-naturel on St. Martin in the past, that’s certainly not the norm throughout the region.

Take our home island of St. Croix. Sure, while growing up there, a beach may have suddenly become clothing-optional due to wild times and free flowing Cruzan Rum, but there was no official beach specifically set aside for the more free wheeling among us.

On St. John, however, things were a little different. About a mile walk from a parking lot on the edge of Cruz Bay along what’s called the Lind Point Trail, through typical island bush and over a hill and down through more bush past a fork (where either choice gets you to the same place) intrepid travelers are rewarded with a tiny strip of sand, only around 25 yards long, unofficially known as the island’s only nude beach: Solomon Beach.

I’ve been to this secluded sandy alcove a number of times and without fail the maximum number of sun worshipers was never above four or five. In fact, most times, the beach was deserted. So, for years this is where those with a passion for enjoying nature to the fullest could go to let it all hang out in relative privacy…

Until recently.

Since my last trip to Solomon Beach back in 2007, there’s been a crackdown on this unofficial naturist haven. Suddenly being a free spirit isn’t so free due to the stiffness of fines—around $110 for those caught with their pants down (so to speak).

So this week’s wallpaper remembers a simpler time. Taken on that last trip back in 2007, we present Solomon Beach as it was: undisturbed, pristine, and without the authorities lurking in the bushes.

Enjoy it naked as the day you were born…

So long as you’re in the comfort of your own home!

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