Pining For Pineapple Fields, Eleuthera: Uncommon Envy

It started several years ago with Green Turtle Cay and the Grand Isle Resort & Spa. Then came Embrace Bahamas, Abaco Beach Resort, and Deep Water Cay. Every year, it seems, a “new-to-us” enclave of quintessential Bahamian style and hospitality crops up on our radar, reigniting our desires to experience more of all that’s “Better in The Bahamas.”

This year’s object of our Bahamian hotel affection: Pineapple Fields.

Nestled along some of the most stunning stretches of beachfront property in The Bahamas, Pineapple Fields rests on the Atlantic coast of Eleuthera, east-southeast of the island’s principal settlement, Governor’s Harbour.

What’s to love about this place? How about all of this…

Near-perfect location and size (just 32 rooms stretching over five acres) are big pluses, of course, but it’s the property’s warm and homey island vibe that’s truly captured my interest and imagination. As noted on the resort website…

Staying at Pineapple Fields Resort is like staying at the home of good friends in the Bahamas.

Music to my ears! Here’s hoping we get to put this notion to the test at some point in 2016…

If you’ve ever stayed at Pineapple Fields and have any tips on things we shouldn’t miss to maximize the experience, please share your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact us directly here.

For more on Pineapple Fields, visit them online and check them out on Facebook.

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