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Time Out For A Cane Bay Beach Lime Courtesy Leatherback Landing

I’m at my limit right now. Three-point-five miles. That’s the distance from my house in Florida to the beach. Honestly, I don’t think I could live any further from the sea.

I tried it once. In college. Bucknell University. Landlocked, in the middle of Pennsylvania. I was as far away from the ocean as I had ever been. It wasn’t too long into my freshman year before I knew that I couldn’t live like that. Not ever. Not again.

I need the sea. My soul needs it. To sit in the sand, to bathe in the water, to feel the salt air in my face…

As the saying goes,

The waves of the sea help me get back to me.

This is especially true, of course, during challenging, stressful times. Times like right now.

You’ll find me starting tomorrow and getting rejuvenated at Fort Lauderdale Beach. For the more landlocked among us, I hope that the beach bar webcam at the new Leatherback Landing helps…

Leatherback Landing @ Cane Bay in St. Croix USVI

Some of you may recognize the view of Cane Bay Beach back on our home island of St. Croix, but not the name Leatherback Landing. St. Croix’s newest beach bar is actually the old [email protected] Bay, reborn under new ownership/management with ties to the Leatherback Brewing Company.

Yes, it’s true: St. Croix is the new hotspot for craft beer in the Caribbean, and the brewery has a beach bar worthy of its great brews!

We’ll have a lot more to share on Leatherback – the beer, brewery, and beach bar – in the coming weeks. In the meantime, let’s say we ease a little of today’s tension by enjoying the view…


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