Carib Christmas

Carib Christmas Memories of Fun Times in Tobago

As a born-‘n-bred Crucian I’m contractually obligated to say that there’s no better place in the Caribbean to enjoy the Holidays than St Croix. Crucian Christmas Festival. Christiansted Holiday Boat Parade. Quadrille dances at St. Gerard’s Hall. Sunrise at Point Udall. It all adds up to a Holiday Season experience that’s nothing short of non-stop sweetness. An experience that I LOVE, though not much more so than a Carib Christmas.

What’s a Carib Christmas? The answer lies in this great new Christmas 2022 video from our friends at Carib Beer.


Fun, right?

The video was shot entirely in Tobago, the little sister island to my family’s ancestral home, Trinidad. 

Tobago carries very special meaning to me.

Until recently, my Dad called the island home. We spent one of our best family trips there over the Easter holiday when my twins were very young. I lived my first surfing (mis)adventure there. 

Most notably, at least as it relates to the Holidays, I spent my last Christmas in the Caribbean in Tobago. The echoes of our Carib Christmas reflected in the video have me longing to spend the Holidays there again.

For now, though, my Carib Christmas will have to consist of enjoying a Carib Beer (or two) while watching this video again and again.

Cheers + Happy Holidays, uncommon travelers!


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