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Union Island Easterval – The Caribbean Carnival You Don’t Know

The Pre-Lenten period (typically February/early-March) is the traditional time for Carnival in the Caribbean. As we’ve noted before, though, it’s not the only time. Many know of big summer fetes like Vincy Mas, Spicemas, and Antigua Carnival. Sugar Mas and the Crucian Christmas Festival, both held during the winter Holiday Season, are also popular. Much lesser known: Union Island Easterval.

As the name suggests, this particular Carnival takes place over Easter. 

As the name also suggests, this fun fete takes place on Union Island, one of the smallest (area: 3.5 square miles) inhabited islands in St Vincent’s portion of The Grenadines.

A Caribbean Carnival held over Easter?

Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either until I came across this great video from our friend/kiteboard master, Jeremie Tronet.

Looks like fun, right? And this is just the J’ouvert portion of Union Island Easterval.

Like every Caribbean Carnival, Easterval features a wide array of parties and celebrations. Color Fete, Pool Party, Basketball Game – this party has something for everyone.

In a place as small as Union Island, home to less than 3,000 residents, that’s really saying something! 

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