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Friday Happy Hour: 345 Lager, The Affordable Taste of the Caymans

345 Lager Beer from Grand Cayman/SBPR

Maybe you’ve been to Grand Cayman. Maybe you discovered the nice line up of homegrown beers produced by the Cayman Islands Brewing Company (CIB) during your visit. Maybe you sampled and enjoyed them all – Caybrew, CayLight, Ironshore Bock, White Tip Lager – and left thinking, “That was nice, but now that I’ve been there/done that, it’s time for something new.”

Well, 345 is something new. It’s definitely worth trying too. Where’s it available? You guessed it: right back in Grand Cayman, courtesy of the fine people at CIB.

345 Lager is actually one of two new brews to come out of the Cayman Islands Brewing Company in the past year, so in reality beer lovers have two good reasons to head back to Grand Cayman ASAP.

Tonight, though, my attention is trained squarely on 345, which at 4.5% ABV would be a great choice after all that over-eating yesterday for Thanksgiving. I was lucky enough to get a taste of 345 at the 2012 Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival, held earlier this month in Grenada. I was there judging rums, of course, but I couldn’t help but take a shine to this blue beauty.

Like Caybrew, 345 is your typical island lager – blonde, light and refreshing, aka the perfect accompaniment to those warm West Indian beach days. It’s got a clean, easy-drinking flavor too; not quite the equal of Caybrew in my book, but nice and crisp nonetheless – just a good, solid beer.

I hear from friends in Cayman that this new CIB beer is pretty easy on the wallet too. Not sure if it’s quite to the level of Bush Crack in The Bahamas, but this new breed of ultra-affordable Caribbean beers is sure to be a welcome sign for those still set on visiting the islands no matter what’s going on with the economy.



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