Boating Across Bananier Beach, Haiti: Photo of the Day

After 10+ trips to Haiti in the past few years, you might think I wouldn’t have anything new or uncommonly awesome to share about this star-crossed country. I mean, aside from the Caribbean’s most incredible nightlife, a pretty sweet new hotel, and the odd cockfight or vodou ceremony, what could really register on the excitement meter for a well-traveled lover of all that Haiti has to offer like me?

Well, I got my answer yesterday in the form of Bananier.

What is Bananier?

In some ways, you could say it’s just a beach. In others, you could say it’s a remote and secluded seaside playground. You’d also be correct in saying that Bananier is Nirvana; a private swath of land, sand, and sea reserved solely for those in the know… and the connections to get here in the first place.

(Hint: You can’t get here by car.)

On this latest particular visit to Haiti, I came to discover this magical place (Thanks for the tip, Marriott Port-au-Prince!), its caretakers, and an easy means for uncommon travelers to experience all that it has to offer.

Bananier – a place so special, so steeped in the rich and warm history of the local family that has tended to the beach and its surrounding hills for 80+ years that it almost seems a sin to share the secret Shangri La with the world.

You know I will, though… eventually… but not today.

Today, we’ll simply share one of my favorite images from Bananier – a local fisherman returning from his morning’s work, striding atop the waves of Bananier.

He hadn’t met with success, but he didn’t seem to mind too much; the surroundings too sweet to fully sully his mood.

Truly, I’m not sure anything can keep you down here, something I look forward to illustrating more fully in the days and weeks to come…

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