Shell’s Beach Bar, Martinique: Uncommon Envy

It’s odd to me that I have yet to visit Shell’s Beach Bar, Martinique. I’ve traveled to The Isle of Flowers just about every year since 2007, usually more than once each year. I love most everything about Martinique, of course, especially her beach bars.

Le Petibonum, Ti Sable, Le Kano, Cocoa Beach Cafe, Le Senat, Lili’s, Ti Carbet, Le Coco Bar – yeah, I guess you can say that I’m fairly well-versed in the island’s beach bar scene.

Shell’s, though, remains unknown to me. This video I just ran across on their Facebook page suggests I need to change that ASAP…

The bar, which opened in 2016, sits along the shores of Case-Pilote, a modest fishing village denoted as one of the oldest towns in Martinique. I’ve probably driven through here 100 times over the years heading north/south between Saint-Pierre and Fort-de-France, but never stopped once.

Shell’s Beach Bar, Martinique ensures that won’t happen when I’m back on-island next month…


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