Voodoo Hurricane
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Voodoo Hurricane: A Spooky Taste of Cruzan 9 for Halloween

A Voodoo Hurricane with Cruzan 9 Rum is one of the perfect Halloween cocktails. For me, anyway.

The Halloween Time of Year

As I’m sure is the case with many of you, Halloween always makes me think of home, my childhood, and all the wide-eyed fun of the scariest time of the year.

So, it should come as no surprise, that I’m jonesing for a cocktail today featuring my beloved home-island spirit, Cruzan Rum.

The Voodoo Hurricane with Cruzan 9 keeps with the Halloween theme in three key ways.

#1 – The words “hurricane” and “voodoo” are in the title. For those of us living in the islands, nothing is scarier than the annual cyclones that haunt our memories. Plus Voodoo, not to be confused with the real religion of Vodou practiced in Haiti, carries its own mystical connotations, of course.

#2 – It’s wicked strong! This perilous potable packs three different types of rum, including the always strident overproof so popular across the region.

#3 – There’s a touch of grenadine in there, a sort of splash of blood for the vampires among us.

Making your own Voodoo Hurricane


To make a Voodoo Hurricane, simply mix one part each of the three different rums with three parts of the OJ and pineapple juices and a half-part of blood grenadine. Then pour over tons of ice and you’ll be seeing apparitions of all kinds in no time.


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