Belle Mont Farm Rainbow in St. Kitts | Credit: Patrick Bennett
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Waiting 3 Long Years For The Best View in St. Kitts: Uncommon Envy

In the fun few years since we birthed Uncommon Caribbean, my brother and UC partner, Patrick, has enjoyed quite the run of super-posh villas and hotels across the region. Tequila Sunrise Villa in Anguilla; Jade Mountain in St. Lucia; Chabil Mar, Belize; The Residences by Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos –– if the digs are ultra-luxurious and uncommon, then he’s likely to have experienced ’em.

Sometimes he gets to do this with friends. Often his family tags along. The one person always missing…


Yeah, we don’t get to travel together very often. When we do, though, luxury is NEVER on the itinerary. Somehow, Patrick always seems to reserve the most exclusive experiences for himself.


Now, usually I don’t have a problem with this. No really. I. Don’t. Really.

In fact, there’s only one time that I can remember ever being really and truly envious of my brother’s fancy boy travels… It was the moment I first saw the image above –– a simply stunning full arc primary rainbow extending across the verdant slopes below The Lookout, a common area that serves as the veritable hotel lobby at Belle Mont Farm in St. Kitts.

Belle Mont Farm Rainbow, Patrick
Just look at Patrick enjoying that amazing view! 😡

At first sight, I wanted to be there; to feel the undoubtedly balmy breeze, smell the fragrant tropical flowers that surely must be blooming all around, and yes, indulge in all the authentic West Indian ital farm awesomeness (with a luxury twist befitting my bro, of course) that Patrick described in his hotel review.

It’s been nearly three years since Patrick’s visit to Belle Mont Farm. Three loooooonnnnngggg years, my envy progressively building the entire time.

Now, with us offering one of you the chance to win a Five-Night Luxury All-Inclusive Stay at this most special and uncommon of exclusive Caribbean hotels, I only have one question:

If you win, will you please take me along…? 😉

More on Belle Mont Farm here.

Enter the Uncommon Caribbean x Belle Mont Farm –– Cultivate Your Soul Giveaway here.

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