Without a doubt, yachting and drinking steal the spotlight in the British Virgin Islands.

Yacht charters grant easy access to the world class waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel and all the varied anchorages at the BVI’s 60+ islands and islets. Every place you drop anchor – from sprawling North Sound and picturesque Marina Cay, to party central White Bay Jost Van Dyke, secluded Anegada and everywhere in between – offers their own unique magic.

And when the sailing is done, the British Virgin Islands sport some of the most famous (and infamous) drinking holes in the Caribbean. Foxy’s, The Soggy Dollar, The Bitter End Yacht Club, Cow Wreck Beach Bar — these aren’t just bars, they’re institutions. And then there’s wild Willy-T’s where you’re guaranteed to leave with a story. (Whether you’ll want to freely share that story is something else!)

But there’s so much more to the British Virgin Islands.

Natural wonder is in no short supply at sites like the granite boulder strewn Baths. Rich history also abounds at uncommon attractions like The Callwood Rum Distillery, one of the Caribbean’s oldest continuous pot distilleries. There’s world-class diving throughout the region with shark-filled caves, submerged airplanes, and historic shipwrecks like the Rhone. Neil Cline, chef and owner of De Loose Mongoose on Beef Island, has even practiced his culinary craft at the world renowned James Beard House in New York.

Yes, the British Virgin Islands provide some of the best yachting and drinking to be found anywhere, but it’s the traveler who digs a little deeper that’ll be rewarded with a destination that’s as diverse and culturally rich as it is fun.

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