Baradal, Tobago Cays, The Grenadines by Patrick BennettBaradal, Tobago Cays, The Grenadines by Patrick Bennett

Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Making Memories For a Lifetime

Recently, we asked our Uncommon Caribbean Facebook fans the question: “What’s your favorite Caribbean souvenir?” We seeded the options with some expected items most island travelers carry home in their bags like jewelry, t-shirts, cookbooks, handicrafts and even magnets.

What we learned pleasantly surprised us.

You see, while all those material goods are fine (we even have a couple great cookbooks for sale in our shop), the thing that you, our amazing fans, desire to return from your travels with the most are “Memories for a Lifetime.” And it wasn’t even close! “Memories for a Lifetime” won by a landslide!

“Rum” came in a distant second. “Jewelry” was third and the heartwarming “Falling Even Deeper in Love” finished a respectable fourth.

Likely the Last Chart you'll ever see on this site
Likely the Last Chart you’ll ever see on this site

Thankfully, if you want ideas on how to create “Memories for a Lifetime” you’ve really come to the right place! Learning to surf with Boosy in Barbados (or Tobago), babymooning in Grand Case on St. Martin, judging your first rum festival, waking up on Culebra’s Flamenco Beach with your kid, baring it all on your birthday at Club Orient, climbing the highest mountain in the Caribbean, or getting kiteboarding lessons at LEK in the “Action Sports Capital of the Caribbean”… Try any of these and you’re guaranteed to return with that precious memory as the perfect souvenir.

One of my favorite memories/souvenirs from last year has to be my time spent in the Tobago Cays. No, I wasn’t climbing mountains or catching waves. I was just there. In the middle of paradise. Simply existing in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. So, for this week’s Caribbean Wallpaper, I’d like to share that memory with you in a downloadable format.

If you have some precious Caribbean memories you’d like to share, please put them in the comments below.

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